Here are a few of the authors we've helped to write, refine, and publish their first books.

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Karli Moch

Author of Battle to Breakthrough 

"When I knew I wanted to write a book to share my experience through a chronic illness that almost stole my life, I desperately needed direction. As soon as I started working with Rich, the process went from daunting to manageable within minutes. What I anticipated taking months to a year, quickly became three months in having my first draft to an editor and six months to self publishing. Without the guidance, accountability, and experience of working with Rich, I would still be writing the first chapters of my book." 

- Karli Moch


Karli used the lessons in our Comprehensive Course to write and publish her first book. She has leveraged that book to launch her successful career as a keynote speaker.

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Larry Hughes

Author of Challenging Goliath

"Rich’s system was perfect for helping me write and publish my first book. With his direction, I was able to write, edit, and publish my book in just a few months. His 3-step process is perfect for first-time authors like me."

- Larry Hughes


When Larry was just over 50 years old, he wrote his first book which is now in the top 10% of all business leadership books sold on Amazon. He used our Comprehensive Course to learn everything he needed to know to write, refine, and publish that book.

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Deborah L. Olson

Author of Booting Breast Cancer 

"Rich's advice was always right on. From start to publish, my book was on the streets in 3 1/2 months. You can do this and Rich can coach you every step of the way! What are you waiting for?"

- Deborah Olson


Deborah used our Comprehensive Course to guide her through all the steps needed to write and publish her memoir about facing and beating breast cancer.

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Andrew J. Walter

Author of Waiting Is Not an Action 

"Rich was an incredible force to help me to bring this book to market! He guided all aspects of the book, but more than anything, gave me the gift that 'this was possible!' Having researched and collected content for the book, Rich's system took me from first meeting to self published in four months! Thanks Rich, see you on the next one!"



Andy used our Comprehensive Course to turn his story into a published book. His nonfiction book is filled with expert advice for creating a thriving plural career. He used our system to organize his topics, find effective editors, and publish his final manuscript.

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Jennifer Evans

Author of Follow the Green Frog 

"If you're looking for an expert who can help you with your publishing goals, Rich is it! There's something magical that happens when you work with Rich. He's an absolute pleasure to work with and has a way of motivating you to make sure you stay on track with your writing. He helps verify the steps you need to take to achieve your goal(s), and he offers tips on organizing, writing, and editing along the way. If you are in the market to publish your book, look no further!"

- Jennifer Evans


When Jennifer wanted to publish her children's book, she used our Refine and Publish courses to help her put the finishing touches on her book and get it into publication.

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John Sattem

Author of Light Your Path to Success 

"Thank you to Rich Blazevich. Without your encouragement and direction, my dream of becoming a published author would not be possible. For anyone who has a story to tell and wants to write a book, Rich is the person you want guiding you through the process." 

- John Sattem


John used our Comprehensive Course to navigate all the steps needed to complete his book about his journey to become an effective leader.

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Melvin L. Mosley

Author of Hasten to the Throne of Grace, Hope, and Refuge 

"I have successfully published four books and I am pleased with Rich's coaching and direction. There are times when words are not enough for the gratitude and appreciation I feel because of his coaching and taking the time to assist me." 

- Melvin L Mosley


When Melvin needed help getting his final manuscript into publication, he used the lessons taught in our Refine and Publish courses to quickly and easily get his book published.

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